Pavlo Lazarenko, Count Maurice Lippens, Raymond Loewy, Patrick “Paddy” McNally

49. Lazarenko, Pavel   (1952-     )

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister from 1996-1997. In 2004, Lazarenko was convicted of money laundering, wire fraud, and extortion by a court in the United States where he had fled after jumping bail in Switzerland. In 1999, the Swiss had convicted the Ukrainian fugitive of money laundering, as well as attempting to enter Switzerland with a bogus Panamanian passport.

The United Nations has estimated that Lazarenko embezzled $200 million from the government of Ukraine during the period 1996-1997, mostly through kickbacks to state agencies under his control. In 2004, Transparency International ranked Lazarenko as the eighth most corrupt government official in recent history. After serving a sentence of 8 years in a U.S. prison, Lazarenko was released in 2012.The government of Ukraine has sought his extradition for years, accusing him of conspiring with his protégé Yulia Tymoschenko to kill a high-ranking Ukrainian official.

Between June 1993 and October 1996, with the aid of a Fribourgeois fiduciary agent, Lazarenko transferred $2,378,302.- into accounts No. 502607, 502607.601 and other accounts for “LIP Handel SA” at the UBS bank in Fribourg. (Ukrainian Radio First Programme, Kiev, in Ukrainian 0900 gmt 17 Feb 1999 <http//>) The name of “LIP,” Lazarenko’s Fribourg company, stands for the initials of his name, i.e. Lazarenko, Ivanovich, Pavlo.

The U.S. Federal authorities accused Lazarenko of laundering $114 million through U.S. banks. Many of the charges in the 97-count U.S. indictment were dropped on technicalities, including the charges relating to the money laundered through Fribourg. This was a difficult case to prosecute because of non-cooperation of foreign banks. Nevertheless, Lazarenko was the first foreign official convicted in U.S. courts since Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. (see page 23)

While waiting for his trial, Lazarenko’s family was ensconced in a mansion “ set on 18 acres in northern California…Once occupied by the Hollywood star Eddie Murphy. The property in Marin County boasts two helicopter pads, five dog kennels, a barn-sized ballroom, granite floors inlaid with brass, and gold-plated doorknobs.”

Following Lazarenko’s conviction, the mansion was unoccupied, leading to a burglary when 100 teenagers invaded the property and stole expensive items such as the lithograph “Femme au Chignon” by Pablo Picasso. The lithograph, priced at $30,000, was later found leaning against a tree.

“La Femme au Chignon”

It was also discovered that Lazarenko attempted to launder $80 million through the financial haven of Antigua where he and a partner owned a bank. (“Antigua unveils probe into money-laundering,” Financial Times, 11/10/99, p.4)

Most of Lazarenko’s looting involved the embezzlement of funds belonging to state-owned industries, e.g. the United Energy Systems of Ukraine. Apparently some of the money Lazarenko laundered through Fribourg came from funds appropriated for Ukrainian flood-control.

Fribourg co. :  Lip Handel AG, Marchandises tous genres, achat et vente,   etc. Cap 0,1.  (24.4.93, 21.4.93)  Rue St-Pierre 18


50.  Lippens, Count Maurice  (1943-     )

Harvard graduate and former president of Fortis, the big Dutch-Belgian financial-services group. Fortis was formed in a 1990 merger of two large insurance companies, the Netherlands’ NV Amev and Belgium’s Group A.G. But in 2008, after taking over the big ABM AMRO Bank, Fortis became over-extended and had to be bailed out by its Benelux partners. Lippens, who was chairman of Fortis’s board was obliged to resign.

Much vilified by Fortis’s small investors, who lost all of their savings, Count Lippens was the object of several lawsuits because it was alleged that he knew that Fortis was in trouble but still encouraged people to invest in the company. One scathing article said that the aristocratic Lippens should be required to live in public housing in Molenbeek-Saint Jean (the impoverished Brussels district where many  ISIS conspirators reside).

Despite all the criticism, Albert Frère, Belgium’s richest man and former CEO of Group Bruxelles Lambert (See no. 31, above) kept Lippens on GBL’s board.

Fribourg co.:  AG RE Compagnie de Réassurances  Générales, Cap 10,0

  (6.8.85, 15.4.93)  Grand-Places 1

Lippens, his brother Léopold, and Albert Frère


51. Loewy, Raymond   (1893 – 1987)

The father of American Industrial Design, “Loewy has probably affected the daily life of more Americans than any other man of his time” (Cosmopolitan, 8/1950). Trains, planes, automobiles, buses, and spaceships: all came under the magic wand of Raymond Loewy. The French-born designer greatly influenced the “streamline revolution” of the late 1930’s. Among the designs he created were the Sears “coldspot” refrigerator, the Greyhound “silversides” motor-coach, John F. Kennedy’s Air Force 1 (retired in1998), the Skylab interiors, the familiar Coca-Cola soda fountain dispenser, the Exxon logo, and many others.

Loewy mentions his Fribourgeois company in his last book, Industrial Design (1979). In the 1970’s, I used to see the dapper Loewy, who wore suits of his own design and who resembled the actor Adolph Menjou, jauntily strolling, cane in hand, down Pérolles, Fribourg’s main boulevard. Loewy’s Fribourgeois company was domiciled at Audifi SA, the Iran-contra fiduciary.



October 31, 1949

Fribourg co.: Raymond Loewy International, chez Audifi SA, Rue de  L’industrie 16.

Loewy also had a company domiciled at the Iran-contra fiduciary in Geneva: Loewy Raymond SA, Cap 0.05 (25.11.76, 2.3.82) Ch.Thury 3ter, chez Cie. de Services Fiduc. SA.

52. McNally, Patrick “Paddy”   (1937 –     )

Swiss-based Grand Prix millionaire and former boyfriend of Sarah Ferguson, who would later marry Prince Andrew and become the Duchess of York.

As late as 2000, Bilan, the Swiss business magazine, said that the “official” center of McNally’s F1 business was Fribourg even though he preferred to live in Verbier (Bilan, Dec. 2000, p. 111). Ferguson lived with McNally at his Verbier chalet, Les Gais Lutins, in the 1980’s where his entourage was known for its intensive partying.

One of McNally’s chalets in the posh ski resort of Verbier.

Fribourg co.:  MacNally Sports Enterprises Ltd. À Belfast (Irlande du   Nord),succursale de Fribourg,  Cap 0,01  (29.9.85, 24.4.89)

 Rue St-Pierre 10



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