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Muresan, Murphy, Naggar, Nambu

61.  Muresan, Sever   (1948 –     )

Former Romanian tennis pro who married a French woman he met while on tour, and later set up a Franco-Romanian bread products business (Paniro SA) from his base in Dijon, France. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu allowed Muresan to live abroad in the 1980’s. After the fall of communism in 1989, Muresan, using political and business connections, was able to borrow huge sums of money from Romania’s first private bank, Dacia Felix, on false pretences using off-shore stratagems, which included the participation of a Fribourg company, Corynsa SA.

These loans were not repaid, but in the meantime, Muresan was able to use the bank’s money to buy a controlling interest (68%) in Dacia Felix. One of Romania’s celebrated post-communist nouveaux riches, Muresan’s popularity reached a high-point in 1996 when he invited former U.S. President George H.W. Bush to a grandiose tennis tournament he organized in Bucharest. Bush and Muresan teamed up for an exhibition doubles match which they won (Bush and Muresan are on the right in the photo below).


Muresan’s thievery caught up with him when the Romanian regime changed, and eventually, he was arrested in Hungary (see photo, below). Under indictment in France and Switzerland, Muresan spent time in French and Swiss jails only to be extradited to Romania where authorities let him go free.–un-homme-d-affaires-roumain-condamn%C3%A9-%C3%A0-gen%C3%A8ve/1770798

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Middendorf, Mitchell, Monfrini, Montagnier

57. Middendorf, John William “Bill” (1924 –     )

Described by the Conservative Heritage Foundation, where he has been a trustee since 1989, as “a true renaissance man with interests in both music—he wrote Heritage’s theme march—and art,” Bill Middendorf is a former Secretary of the Navy, an ambassador to the Netherlands and the Organization of American States, and a successful investment banker.

A staunch conservative (with strong libertarian leanings), Middendorf, was a member of “the draft Goldwater” team as early as 1962. In 2006 he wrote a chronicle of the “disasterous” 1964 Goldwater presidential campaign.

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In 1981, Middendorf was part of Ronald Reagan’s transition team. He and his old Wall Street friend Bill Casey, Reagan’s CIA Director, were instrumental in “reforming” the intellegence agency. The subsequent Iran-contra scandal would indicate that Casey’s freewheeling CIA was another “disaster” that Middendorf was involved in (see nos. 38, 65, 88, and 100 on my “Who’s Who in Fribourg” list).

The Hertage Foundation, America’s most influential consevative think tank, is a stalwart opponant of all of Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” social reforms.

Funded in part by the libertarian Koch brothers, Heritage is especially stridant in its opposition to all climate-change legislation.


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